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Re-Elect Dr. Shirley Rose-Gilliam Fort Bend ISD BOT Position 4



My number one goal is student achievement. The success of our students requires all departments working together to achieve a common goal.  Continue to “Reimagine” education and set achievable goals while creating a culture of quality and equity for all of our students. Preparation is the initial step to success. By having students prepared and organized in advance, we will be able to achieve academic success. We have the best teaching staff in the state of Texas and our teachers are dedicated to making a difference in each student we serve.  Provide teachers support and resources focused on improving classroom instruction and enhance student success.


I spoke with several teachers about board support.  They could not articulate how the board supported them.  So, the first thing I would do differently is have open dialog (not saying this is not occurring) with teachers.  Teachers were overly cautious when speaking with me and asked me not to use names when they stated a concern.  As representatives of the students, parents, AND teachers, I feel teachers should be able to have productive conversations with trustees as it pertains to support.  They need accurate and complete information.  Truly open the lines of communication with all stakeholders, be consistent and follow-through with the work.  When we tell our community, a project will be complete.  Make it happen. If there is a delay, be honest and update.  Lastly, assessment and evaluation of current programs


First to provide a culture and climate that encourages communication, from parents, staff and students at all campuses and be proactive. Hire school leaders who during their actual job interview, state "Safety and Security" is my number one concern.  Adopt "If you see something say something."  Secondly, educate parents and students about the emergency plan.  Discuss and talk about what happens during a fire drill, what happens if there is an assailant with a firearm. etc. Be sure that school leaders understand to report all concerns.  In light of COVID-19, continue to be transparent, current with information on website, and communicate.  Lastly, drills such as shelter-in-place, lock down, and evacuation must be "practiced" with fidelity.

I have worked in various schools across FBISD and have intimate knowledge of how unique each campus is in their daily operations and their diverse population of students.  My unique qualification? I was a principal on each side of the district.  I bring reality-someone who has been there and “gets it!” I know how it feels to be on the front line. I am well versed in TEA guidelines and state accountability.  I am resourceful and keep current with new trends in education, i.e. virtual learning. You don't have to be an educator to be on the school board and I agree; however, I believe an educator will add depth to the board of trustees. I am the educator who is not afraid to have the critical conversations; for it is during the critical conversations we grow, learn and settle differences. I will be the board member that will ask, “Is this the best decision for kids?”


Committee to Elect Shirley Rose-Gilliam
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